• Lodge exterior.

1 Bedroom

3rd Beach

  • 3rd beach bedroom.
  • 3rd beach kitchen.
  • 3rd beach exterior.
  • 3rd beach floor plan.


Beautiful cabin on the beach (accross from path), this cabin includes one bedroom, full kitchen and private screened porch. Short walk from lodge


The name derives from the fact that this was the third beach cabin built.


  • Balsa cabin exterior.
  • Balsa cabin interior.
  • Balsa cabin kitchen.
  • Balsa cabin floor plan


Balsam right on the point and has one of the most stunning sunset views. It is one of the larger single bedroom cabins and has a full kitchen. Very short walk from lodge.

Crow’s Nest

  • Crows Nest cabin exterior.
  • Crows Nest cabin interior.
  • Crows Nest cabin interior.
  • Crows Nest cabin view of lake.
  • Crows Nest cabin floor plan.


Crow’s Nest is a nice walk down the path. This cabin offers one bedroom, a full kitchen and elevated deck. It is one of the more historic cabins, built with traditional pine logs.

Last New Cabin

  • Last New cabin exterior.
  • Last New cabin interior.
  • Last New cabin kitchen.
  • Last New cabin view of lake.
  • Last New cabin floor plan.


Historic pine log cabin on the way to the big point , this cabin includes one bedroom, full kitchen and one of the best places for morning coffee (see view).


  • Maple cabin exterior.
  • Maple cabin bedroom.
  • Maple cabin interior.
  • Maple cabin view of lake.
  • Maple cabin floor plan.


Maple is right on the river’s edge, protected from the winds of the main lake. The cabin offers one bedroom, without kitchen.


  • Munn cabin exterior.
  • Munn cabin interior.
  • Munn cabin interior.
  • Munn cabin view of lake.
  • Munn cabin floor plan.


Munn is right on the waters edge with a nice deck.  It sits in the pines on top of a hill over looking the lake.


  • Ranger cabin exterior.
  • Ranger cabin interior.
  • Ranger cabin bedroom
  • Ranger cabin view of lake.
  • Ranger cabin floor plan.


Ranger is located right on the tip of the point at the center of the resort. It has views out every window!

This is a single bedroom cabin without kitchen.


  • River cabin exterior.
  • River cabin interior.
  • River cabin bedroom.
  • River cabin view of lake.
  • River cabin floor plan.


Great escape cabin, located on the river. This is a one bedroom cabin without kitchen and is a very short walk from lodge.

Wheelchair accessible

Spring Cabin

  • Spring cabin exterior.
  • Spring cabin interior.
  • Spring cabin interior.
  • Spring cabin view of lake.
  • Spring cabin floor plan.


One of the more historic cabins this pine log cabin features a deck, fireplace, and full kitchen. Great views and great for honeymooners!


In the initial days of the resort, cabins did not have running water and visitors would walk up to the spring for fresh water, located behind this cabin.

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