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Q: Do we need to bring towels or linens?
A: No, we supply them for you!

Q: It looks like it is going to be hot, can we bring a fan?
A: We supply a fan for each cabin but you are welcome to bring an additional fan.

Q: What is the weather like? How should I pack for weather?
A: While the weather in north is usually beautiful and mild, it can change often and quickly. You would be wise to bring warm weather clothes, cold weather clothes, and oh yeah, rain gear. If you need to cut back on what you bring, don’t worry. The trading post can outfit you with lots of great Nelson’s Resort gear. We also have a laundry!

Q: So this is remote? Do cabins have modern amenities?
A: Think remote yet luxurious! All cabins have heaters, hot and cold running water, full bathrooms with showers and some have tubs! This is not “roughing it at fishing camp”.

Q: Can I cook in my cabin?
A: In many cases yes. Many of our cabins have complete furnished kitchens. These cabins have silverware, dishtowels, glasses, cookware, toasters, ovens, microwaves and refrigerators. If you select a cabin without a complete kitchen you may find a small refrigerator, coffee maker.

Q: How do the meal plans work?
A: There are several choices on how you book your vacation. You can rent the cabin by the day or week on what we call the European plan. This plan does not include any meals. The second choice is the Modified American Plan. This plan includes dinner every evening in our lodge. The third choice is the American Plan. This plan includes three meals a day in our lodge. Call the front desk for assistance, they will help you find the best fit for you.

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